Working with Summer Watson has been one of the most positive and creative extraordinary
experiences I’ve had so far. Her knowledge, patience and attributes are that of a world class teacher.
If you’re looking to push through to the next level whether that would be bettering your vocal ability,
stage performance, self confidence Summer Watson would be the perfect coach to further your
ambitions. Her teaching abilities are able to pull things out of you, you didn’t know you had. Always
upbeat and a positive experience – a total joy to work with.
Janine P.

Summer is a fantastic person and really great to work with. She’s a phenomenal vocal coach. Her
vast experience as a singer and performer on the best stages around the world give her a unique
advantage. Her technique in coaching has made a real difference in my voice. She’s also a
seasoned professional that knows the ins and outs of the industry. I’m really grateful for her
commitment to my development and guiding me in setting structures to fulfill on my career goals.
She’s simply the best!
Manolo O.

I started taking vocal lessons with Summer Watson about four months ago. Starting with our very
first phone call, I felt Summer’s desire to help me become the singer I wished to be. I have never had
any formal training before working with Summer and I was afraid of what she might think of my
current level and ability. From the start, she supported and encouraged me to feel free to give my all
to each song, both vocally and emotionally.

We begin each session with a number of warm-up exercises that I like to record and use at home for
practice. Something I love about our sessions is that Summer encourages me to tell her what I want
to focus on. When I have a song I’m working on, I bring a track to the studio, I perform the song and
Summer gives feedback and technical instruction all along the way. Summer’s praise is genuine and
heartfelt and her critiques are warm and honest. Summer has a special way of describing techniques
that has allowed me to grasp and learn some difficult concepts and expand my abilities. Her training
isn’t limited to vocals only, she has given me crucial guidance on my performance and artistry. There
were times that I encountered some difficulties while practicing at home and Summer gave me some
tips over the phone which I felt was “above and beyond”, but she assured me it was all part of her
service as a vocal coach.

I would recommend Summer Watson to vocalists of any age and ability. Summer will foster your
unique talents and give you the tools and training to become the best singer you can be.
Kyle G.

I started singing, dancing, and acting when I was three years old. It’s what I love. Growing up I
performed in musicals, operas, and in choruses. I continued to sing all though college, and graduate
school. Then after a few years performing professionally I hit some roadblocks that caused me to
stop singing. I continued to act but did not sing for many, many years. To say I was nervous about
getting back into it is an understatement. I was terrified! I didn’t know where to begin, or if I even
should! Then I found Summer. Within minutes of meeting her I felt so comfortable, at ease, and safe
I knew I had made the right choice. I’ve had many good teachers in my life, but Summer is the mostintuitive and adaptable I’ve ever had. She is gifted in figuring out what kind of learner you are and
then teaching to your specific needs. She shows you how to find YOUR sound, YOUR voice. She is
amazingly focused and patient, coming up with ten different ways to teach something if need be until
I have that “aha!” moment. Her skill and knowledge of vocal technique and different music styles is
incredible and she shifts effortlessly between them. Want to do opera one week, then pop, then jazz,
then musical theater? No problem! Summer has brought the joy of singing back in my life, and raised
my confidence level as an actor. She epitomizes professionalism while being totally approachable
and having a big heart. I seriously cannot recommend her highly enough. Weather you are a
professional or just thinking what the heck I’ll try singing, do yourself a favor and go see Summer!
Shannon M.
Nicole P.

We love Summer! She’s an outstanding vocalist with a great ear for music. After two lessons we saw
a great improvement and took away techniques that we can use for years to come.
Jake W.

Summer was fantastic! I had a professional speaking engagement and she helped me rehearse,
offered great tips and was completely awesome. I would recommend her in a heartbeat! She’s a very
talented individual with great empathy.
Jake C

I can be a bit shy about my singing when I first start working with someone, but Summer seriously
made me SO comfortable and confident within minutes of meeting. She’s just lovely as a person and
extremely knowledgeable as a teacher. She knows a ton about the physical process of singing, but
is able to put things simply in a way that makes them seem more approachable. I will definitely be
returning for more coaching.

Highly recommended. Great balance of professional and laid back.
Mackenzie W.

I began working with Summer when it became too difficult to get a lesson with my regular voice
teacher due to his busy schedule. I had a solo audition with the Pasadena Master Chorale coming
up and I wanted a top notch vocal teacher to give me some good coaching. Also, I’m a mature singer
and for the first time I was struggling with some breath control issues. Although it was a little scary to
go to someone new at a critical point in my singing experience, I couldn’t have been more thrilled
with Summer’s exptertise and ability to communicate effectively. She immediately diagnosed the
vocal issue and within 3 or 4 lessons, I was singing better than ever. And I got the solo! I look
forward to working with Summer on a regular basis.
Gina C.

I have been singing most of my life and during that time I have worked with a few vocal coaches. I
can honestly say that Summer is the best I have worked with. Whatever your vocal type Summer will
help you achieve the best of your talent. My singing lessons were via Skype, which was a bit nerveracking at first, however Summer put me completely at ease! She is incredibly patient,
compassionate and understands fully what it is like to be the student, which is one of the best
qualities a singing teacher can have. Summer helped me greatly when I had a short time to rehearse
for my west end debut and I can honestly say I don’t think I would have been so confident had it not
been for her. She helped me open my voice so it was better than it had ever been and her wonderful
aura and kind attitude gave me the confidence I needed! Thank you Summer
Laura B.

I have been in the entertainment industry for nearly 25 years and the one thing that has always
terrified me is singing. That was until someone suggested I see Summer as a vocal coach. I was
apprehensive but thought I would give it a shot. How wonderfully surprised I was. Summer instantly
made me feel at ease and created the most relaxed and safe atmosphere in which to work. Her
understanding of vocal technique is nothing short of masterful but she is also incredibly personable
and finds ways to impart that knowledge in a way that is personally relatable to you making it so
easy to grasp. I have known many professional instructors and performers throughout my life but I
cannot stress enough how rare it is to find someone of Summer’s talents. Not only does she give you
the technique with which to sing, she will also help you to find your voice and add your own
emotional content to whichever piece you are working upon and give you the confidence to do so.
There are many instructor’s around but Summer is a teacher in the truest sense of the word. I cannot
recommend her highly enough.
John J.

What an amazing woman, and teacher! She has spent her life perfecting her craft, and is now
sharing it with others. In my little trip to LA, I received an audition which I was no-where near ready
for. I hadn’t sung classically in over 6 months, and was freaking out. I had one day to get back in
shape… IMPOSSIBLE. Well… before describing what she did, I have to say I ended up getting the
gig, I recorded my audition tape for the west end in her studio, and now i’ll be back on the west end
because of this amazing teacher. Ok… firstly, her method is based on discovering where you are as
a person and craft wise. She allows you to make all the mistakes in the world, and makes you so
comfortable to do this that you end up getting the best out of yourself… a rare thing. Being
comfortable and relaxed is without doubt the key to success, and her ability to instill that in me as a
singer and actor was beautiful. Technically… WOW! Posture, breathing, vowels, positioning,
intentions; we managed to cover all these essential components, and put them into practise in my
audition. Summer is a master at her craft, truly gifted at working with your nuances, and a beautiful
person. What a pleasure it was working with her. I’m back in January, and will be straight back to her.
Jaime W.

Summer, well I like to call her Summer Luvin, is a very warm and kind lady and makes me
comfortable and at ease at lessons. From before I started training with Summer I have changed so
much, as she has given me confidence with Singing that no one gave me before! Her lovely way of
teaching and how to apply useful techniques makes working on a song fun and exciting as songs I
choose to learn always turn out better than expected. Her richness of professional experience shows
in her creative eye. Summer tailors classes to match individuals and their needs and works to bring
out each singers full potential! She is magic!
Dana B.I have worked with Summer for two weeks now , and I couldn’t be happier with the results thus far …
Her ability to correctly suggest a change in key – and why … regarding song that I have written and
played for many years has been as inspirational as insightful . I now have complete confidence that
Summer will now help me determine other potential key changes , that I’d frankly never

I also want to express that I’m probably not alone in being a musician albeit confident in my playing
ability , lacking in confidence and tentitive in my singing. Summer is helping me refine / define …
truly understand what I am truly capable of with my voice , and doing so in a way in that I’m far less
concerned in what can go wrong than what can go right !
I’d recommend her outstanding services to anyone and everyone
Andy K.

“I think we are all looking to better ourselves and our crafts. Looking for
someone who help us think about things differently to take our art to next
level. Summer has changed the way I think about singing and music and through
her experiences has helped me so much I’ve even hired her to come in and work
with some hip hop artists on the most current album I’m producing. Her support
and positive attitude are a breath of fresh air in the studio and in a business
that can be quite cold and off putting. She inspires everyone around her to be
better. Thank you Summer!”
Rob Heskin, singer songwriter, record producer

Summer’s teaching is exceptional – I’ve experienced a few different singing and vocal coaches over
the years and Summer was the first who has taken my voice from learning to PLAYING it like an
instrument. She’s a pleasure to learn from and teaches not only to sing but brings huge joyfulness
and confidence to you as a performer. Thanks Summer
Caroline L

Summer’s dedicating her talents to helping emerging talent reach their goals as an amazing mentor. Summer has the technique, talent, experience to push singers of all genres to the highest level. She’s my go to coach for all our talent.

 – Ollie Ayling, Manager at First Access Entertainment – 

What a treat she is! 

Summer is An absolutely delightful and talented lady and A fabulous teacher.

 – Dr. emily iker –