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My story of why I coach voice.

When I was four years old I was introduced to music. My Mum would sing songs with me in the kitchen, such as the hit song from Walt Disney’s “Song of the South” released in 1946 Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah. I remember sheer joy; laughing and dancing I felt free and our energies flowing. My Dad would sing lullabies as I drifted off to sleep each night, I felt the tone of his voice, it was calming and reassuring. (And no, neither of them were musicians or singers, nor really listened to much music). The wonderful lady Molly Townsend, my music teacher at school from the age of four, who is now no longer with us, was the reason why I became a singer and had a very early and immediate love of music. MUSIC. Not a specific genre, artist nor a particular instrument, a level, just MUSIC. I loved it all. As I worked my way up from Grade 1 to Grade 8 ABRSM exams and then later went on to the Royal College of Music, London to gain my Masters in music and took the training as far as I could go. 20 and a professional Opera Singer became my label. I was known as the first ever classical signing to a major label SONY to later reach #1 in the US iTunes Charts. The genre Classical Crossover was born (Josh Groban, Il Divo).

It wasn’t, however, until many years after understanding the healing power of music post a train crash where I lost my voice from PTSD, was broken through challenging relationships unable to keep singing (as my throat chakra was blocked the key communication channel), and then stage 4 breast cancer hit – it was music that healed me.

Yes, I had a mastectomy, but it was sound baths, tribal drumming, reiki work with special harmonic tones that allowed the cleansing process to begin. Singing all types of music; classical, jazz, rock, soul, it opened me up to many possibilities. Through coaching all that I have learnt from life it is my life’s mission to pour this into my vocal clients for them to shed the old and rebuild their lives through music. No you don’t have to be professional to call yourself a singer. Everybody can sing, if you have a voice to speak, you can SING! It is the pathway to feeling great, having amazing communication, baring your soul and being truly free.

You see I believe that it is MUSIC that truly heals us. In these uncertain times, learning to sing could not be more of a perfect time to learn how to connect with your soul whether you are a complete beginner and just looking for something fun to try or whether you are looking to record your next album and reach new heights professionally I would be honored to work with you. 7 or 70! Rock or classical, Jazz or pop or wanting to sing in the shower whatever your story is I look forward to meeting you.

Until we meet again…. let’s Instagram!

Much love Summer xo

Vox Packages

Enhance your technique, in whatever genre of music you sing, and gain confidence performing, recording and auditioning thanks to the expert, patient and enjoyable tuition of Summer, a Sony recording artist and chart topping soprano. These aren’t just vocal lessons, you will learn techniques that will apply to all areas of your life and soon be singing freely with complete joy, whether in the shower or on the stage.