Summer Watson - Health & Wellness Courses


Do you …

➢ want to improve your singing technique?
➢ want to free your inner voice?
➢ want to reach a more profound level of performance delivery?
➢ Are you an actor who wants to add singing as another skill set to your resumé?

What to expect…

➢ 2 hour masterclass each day, for 2 consecutive days working with Leading Health & Fitness Expert Jennifer Westendorf & International Vocalist and Celebrity Vocal Coach, Summer Watson online in the comfort of your own home
➢ Small intimate group for personalized coaching. (8 person max)
➢ 9-11am PST/ 12-2pm EST online via Zoom DAY 1 & DAY 2

What Will You Learn?

➢ Calming Meditation to help you overcome those moments of stress, feeling “stuck,” or low energy.
➢ Simple, relaxing & tension releasing Yoga
➢ Techniques to release old thought patterns and learn the Warrior Mindset! Finally have the tools to be the most consistent you’ve ever been with the habits and goals you set for yourself.
➢ Find your authentic voice for more harmony in your relationships through singing & exploring the throat chakra.
➢ 3 quick and easy methods to help you gain more time & joy in your day.
➢ The importance of mindful eating to help you lose weight, stop the cycle of emotional eating, and keep the weight off for good.
➢ How to fuel your body and focus with green smoothies in 10 minutes or less.
➢ Develop a morning and evening routine that works for YOU and keeps you on track towards your goals, even on the days you don’t feel like it.


If you’re reading this… it’s a sign…

Whatever you deeply desire for your life is exactly what the Universe / God / Creation seeks to experience through you. Wealth, abundance & prosperity are expressions of our natural state. 

Healing at the emotional, subconscious & inner level unlocks the door to our unlimited potential. You are so special, you are so needed & you are so ready. 

Stop living in the grey! It’s time to live vibrantly. Let us show you how! A new dawn is now upon us. The traditional way of approaching New Year’s resolutions couldn’t be more irrelevant for 2022. With 100’s of blogs to read, piles of books you promise yourself you will get to, clearing out your home to make space that never gets done, the trending detox that never gets started, the no time in my day mentality and after a month of the new year having passed – we’re back to square one! 

The higher spiritual message of the number 20 [2022] is that we are in this together and not so separate. 2021 was all about dissolving the illusion of separateness and finding balance and harmony. We were forced to think of not only ourselves but the person next to us. The number 21 [2021] carries an expressive energy, we’ve all been transformed in some way and may feel differently about life. The big theme for 2022 is balance, particularly in work and relationships. So as we approach 2022, we invite you to take a moment to think about how you would like your life to look and how you would love to FEEL & LIVE

With our VIBRANT LIVING UNLEASHED MASTERCLASS you will learn bite size techniques across the board to approach 2022 and beyond in a different light. 

Our prayer is that you feel inspired, empowered & enriched by our journey together through this 2 day masterclass. 

Be it through breath, movement, or the task at hand, mindfulness is about understanding yourself, and more so yourself in the present moment while truly letting go of the “Ego”. 

Bringing attention to our actions, learning to express ourselves authentically and interpret our present environment although seemingly cumbersome and time intensive, is well worth the joy and freedom it provides, especially over a lifetime! 

We will show you how this can create positive connections and increase your self-regulation during daily life activities such as eating, time spent working, physical movement, and more to live a vibrant life!

Healing comes in many forms and music is a core part in healing our mind, heart and soul. Since the time of early tribal gatherings people got together and sang, laughed and danced no matter whether celebrating something joyous like the birth of a child or the tragedy of the loss of a family member. In modern western culture, this seems to have been overlooked. Many underestimate the power of the voice and natural healing through its frequency. 

Our senses are constantly being bombarded with toxicity – how do we manage this? One way to rise above and stay vibrant is through clear communication, being confident and feeling positive. The music part of the masterclass we teach you how to achieve this through guided vocal exercises, learning advanced breathing techniques, and implementing this in singing a song of your choice. And no you definitely do not need to be a singer! 

Learn how to let go of fear and anxiety and how to truly give your heart and soul through singing a song that you love. This will open the throat chakra to communicate powerfully, through positive psychology in the session providing lasting confidence, whilst elevating your vibration, bettering your life. 

After working with us our hope is that you will feel lighter, energized, balanced, powerful, and invigorated to take on 2022 with a Warrior Mindset! You will have more confidence, an easier time communicating in your daily life, you will learn how to implement boundaries and structure to be the best version of YOU. 

This masterclass is fun, loving, a space to be encouraged and you will feel a zest for life afterwards. A truly healing and transformational experience awaits to set you up more powerfully than ever before for a powerful 2022. 

About Us



Jennifer’s passion for psychology, health and wellness became her career 14 years ago when she set out to help college aged individuals find a healthy wellness regime in the collegiate setting. She worked as the Assistant Director for Fitness & Wellness at Loyola Marymount University. The coaching bug began when receiving her Mad Dogg (Spinning) and Barre Physique certifications in 2008, she also holds certifications in Schwinn Indoor Cycling, AFAA Group Exercise, TRX, and is a 200 hour RYT. Prior to moving back to Michigan in 2017, Jen was also a member of the Equinox Group Fitness team and attended Equinox exclusive training for: ViPR, Barre, MetCon3, Pure Strength and Precision Running. A native of Michigan, she received her Bachelor’s of Science from Central Michigan University (’98 Psychology & Human Development) & Master’s in School Psychology (‘01). 

Jennifer now brings her enthusiasm & passion for ALL things wellness & movement back to West Michigan.  Most recently she received her Integrative Nutrition Health Coach certification in March 2021 from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has opened her own Fitness & Health Coaching business, Vibrant Health Coaching with Jennifer. Her coaching pillars include: Mindset; Nutrition & Movement; Time & Productivity; Perfectionism & Overwhelm and her mantra, “Live Vibrantly Not Perfectly.” 

One of her current clients, Stephanie S. says, “Jen is so supportive and encouraging! She helps me stay motivated and focused on the work I am doing! Jen has the perfect balance of encouraging modifications when needed (when working out) and challenging you to do your best work for yourself on and off the mat. Jen helped me develop smart, obtainable goals that helped me evaluate my lifestyle choices and develop healthier eating habits that are sustainable long term. Her workouts are truly the best workouts I have ever done! Jen has a true gift and talent for leading people in their wellness journey. She cares personally for each of her clients and wants to help guide them toward achieving their goals.”




It’s very rare to encounter a singing voice so magical that everyone who hears it is left open mouthed in admiration and inspired by the beauty and possibility of life. But classical crossover singer Summer Watson is such a talent. 

She has demonstrated that on the finest stages, whether in her native England at the Royal Albert Hall, O2 Arena and Buckingham Palace, or internationally on tour in Europe and performing for a 1.3 billion TV audience in China. She has sung for royalty and celebrities. 

The first ever classical artist to sign a £1million recording contract with Sony, Summer’s debut album topped the US iTunes charts and now she lives in Los Angeles where she is taking Hollywood by storm, performing on film soundtracks in between performance engagements, philanthropic work and vocal coaching SUMMER WATSON VOCAL ACADEMY.

My mission is to see women, men and the next generation empowered with the ability to birth their own life’s mission to create whatever their true authentic calling is for the good of all humanity
. I’m deeply passionate about creating more depth, compassion & empowerment in the world at large via the practicing of self-accountability & the integration of spiritual tools in my vocal coaching. This results in the Warrior Mindset!

Having beaten stage 4 breast cancer, my new music and vocal coaching approach is infused with a warrior spirit and can-do confidence, encouraging everyone to live their best life no matter what!


Summer Watson: Beautiful Voice. Beautiful Spirit. Beautiful Person

Grammy Award winning songwriter Jud Friedman [Whitney Houston, Barbra Streisand]



➢ 9-9.10am Introduction & Welcome [Jen & Summer]

➢ 9.10-9.35am Calming Meditation, Gentle Yoga Stretches & Mental Clarity Exercise: Get your brain & body ready to learn and seize the day! [Jen]

➢ 9.35-9.45am Grounding Breathwork exercises: Releasing old thought patterns [Summer]

➢ 9.45-9.55am Powerful affirmations, and tapping techniques to teach you how to be in the right mind set with a fresh outlook at any point in your day. [Summer]

➢ 9.55-10.10am Time Management Coaching: how to find more time in your day to truly LIVE in the moment [Jen]

➢ 10.10-10.30am Vocal Exercises for everyone ~ (all levels & no it doesn’t matter if you think you can’t sing! Learn how the power of the resonance of your own voice [Summer]

➢ 10.30-10.45am Mindful Eating: techniques for staying present as you create and enjoy your food [Jen]

➢ 10.45-11am The Power of the Greens: Make your cells happy! [Jen & Summer]


➢ 9-9.10am Welcome & Discussion re: Saturday’s activity [Jen & Summer]

➢ 9.10-9.20am Grounding Breathwork exercises: releasing old thought patterns that can be used anywhere, in the car, at the office! AND Powerful affirmations, with tapping techniques to teach you how to be in your WARRIOR mindset! [Summer]

➢ 9.20-9.30am Vocal exercises (all levels & no it doesn’t matter if you think you can’t sing! Shed your inner fears, learn how singing can teach you to stand proud of who you are in any environment. [Summer]

➢ 9.30-10am Physical Movement: higher intensity bodyweight workout for all levels [Jen]

➢ 10-10.30am Voice: 15 mins per group [2 groups of 4] Create major breakthroughs with singing 1 song and feel your energy shift through the power of music.  [Summer]

➢ 10.30-10.40am Healthy snacks to fuel your mind, body and soul [Jen & Summer]

➢ 10.40-11am Q&A  open the floor to questions [Jen & Summer]