Summer Watson - Discover Your Voice


➢ Want to improve your singing technique?

➢ Want to free your inner voice?

➢ Want to reach a more profound level of performance delivery?

What to expect…

➢ A special 3 hour masterclass for 8 consecutive weeks working with Summer directly

➢ Learn techniques on how to gain confidence to unlock doors to a more fulfilling connection to your voice which will flow throughout your life. 

➢ You’ll soon be singing freely with complete joy whether in the car or on the big stage! 

➢ Let your personality shine, find the inner voice that’s trapped within and wants to come out.

What’s included

➢ 5 minute introduction

➢ 10 minute grounding breathwork exercises

➢ 15 minute vocal exercises

➢ 15 minutes per person, working on 1 song per week of their choice while the other participants watch and learn.

Additional Coaching

➢ 10 minute call each week with Summer to keep you on track with obtaining your vocal goals

➢ 2 text messages during the week from Summer for vocal practice encouragement and progress review.

Cancellation Policy:

Due to high demand payment has to be made at the time of booking. If you need to cancel or change time/date please provide 24 hours notice otherwise the session will count as a missed session.


➢  Have water or tea for your session
➢  Make sure you have eaten at least an hour before so you have lots of energy
➢  Comfortable clothes
➢  iPhone or laptop to record session on audio memos
➢  Second device to play your backing tracks from your end
➢  Be online 5 minutes before session start time