Summer Watson - Advanced Coaching


➢ The more advanced singer.
➢ Anyone who has taken the Discover Your Voice course.
➢ Anyone who is ready to feel empowered and ignite the next level in your vocal performance.
➢ Working singers who need inspiration through their love of singing to learn how to get that extra polish to truly shine!

Join this special 10 part weekly training series and work with Summer directly.


What’s included?

➢ 90 min vocal session once a week virtually or in person at her studio in Los Angeles
➢ 5 minute review
➢ 10 minutes of breathing exercises
➢ 20 minutes advanced vocal exercises suitable for all genres
➢ 40 minutes working on song material
➢ 15 minutes to strategize the week (q&A)

Additional Coaching

➢ 20 minute call each week with Summer to keep you on track with obtaining your vocal goals and help you navigate obstacles you may encounter during the week
➢ 2 text messages during the week from Summer for vocal practice encouragement and progress review.

Cancellation Policy:

Due to high demand payment has to be made at the time of booking. If you need to cancel or change time/date please provide 24 hours notice otherwise the session will count as a missed session.


➢  Have water or tea for your session
➢  Make sure you have eaten at least an hour before so you have lots of energy
➢  Comfortable clothes
➢  iPhone or laptop to record session on audio memos
➢  Second device to play your backing tracks from your end
➢  Be online 5 minutes before session start time